Sustainable shipping

The members of Bebeka Cooperative attach importance to sustainable business practices in the shipping industry. They are aware that fossil fuels and other products used by them have an impact on the environment. Bebeka Cooperative makes an important contribution to sustainable shipping by procuring fuels with the highest possible energy value. We can offer our members the lowest price per energy value (MJ) by comparing price offers, not only in terms of prices per weight (metric tons) or prices per volume (m3), but also on energy value. That's why our members' vessels can cover a longer distance on the same amount of fuel.

Hydrogen alternative energy

In addition, harmful emissions will be reduced due to improved fuel combustion. Our experts closely monitor all trends and developments in the field of alternative energy sources, products and services that can reduce CO₂ emissions. We can therefore provide our members with timely information and advice on changes in environmental legislation.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is in full swing. We advise our members on sustainable alternative fuels, for example in our monthly Energy Alternatives Report.

Bebeka: Experts in energy management.