About Bebeka

We are Bebeka Cooperative, experts in energy management

Bebeka is the first cooperative in the area of global fuel procurement.

Cost advantage for our members is still our main driving force. Non-profit, transparent and reliable. 

Our experts know how to achieve the best price for bunkers worldwide, chiefly by buying at the right time. We also take into account the energy values of different fuels; the lowest price per energy value is the best deal for our members! We are industry specialists who share valuable knowledge and data with our members and stakeholders.

Besides 24/7 technical, legal and operational support, we are able to offer our members the most complete service. Also, we have the expertise to tackle sustainability issues.

We supply the energy that our sector desperately needs. We have been doing this for 60 years. Tirelessly. Boundlessly. Independently. That is the cooperative's strength.