Corporate Social Responsability

Bebeka wants to do its share to encourage sustainable business practices in the shipping industry. We realize that fuels and other supplies purchased by us will have an impact on the environment.

Bebeka aims to encourage sustainable business practices by:

  • Buying high-energy fuels where possible. We can offer our members the lowest price per joule by comparing price quotes not only in terms of price per metric ton (i.e. weight unit) or price per m3 (i.e. volume unit), but also in terms of energy value. Our buying method enables our members to cover longer distances on the same amount of fuel. By focusing constantly on fuel quality, we ensure that our members can benefit from the optimized combustion of fuel products, which also results in lower emission rates.
  • Keeping our members updated regarding developments in sustainable energy and products. In the interest of our members, Bebeka is well informed about all trends and developments in the scope of alternative energy sources.
  • Informing our members in time concerning changes to environmental legislation.
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