About Bebeka

The Coöperatieve Aan- en Verkoopvereniging voor de Scheepvaart Bebeka U.A. (in English: Cooperative Purchasing and Selling Association for the Shipping Industry Bebeka with Liability Excluded (for its members)) was formed in 1961 by a number of ship owners in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Our main goal is that our members benefit from joint purchasing. Initially, it was a matter of purchasing fuels on a contract basis.

Through the years several products and services have been added to our product range. There has  been a gradual and steady growth in both the number of members and the volume of fuels and lubricants purchased. Thanks to its contracts, Bebeka was one of the few players in its industry that managed to supply its members during the oil crisis of the nineteen seventies.

In the past 50 years Bebeka has grown into an organization of over 450 members that operates worldwide. We purchase on behalf of more than 1,500 ships in different shipping segments. Bebeka keeps our members well informed about the latest developments regadering fuel prices, the energy markets and maritime legislation. Therefore we are an important source of advice and knowledge for our members.




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